Friday, March 12, 2010

New York City

Spring Break 2010 started today at 12:20 when the bell rang for lunch and I left school for the day. (: Tomorrow morning, I fly to NYC with my school choir for several days full of fun (despite all the rain that the big apple is supposed to get). Our itinerary looks something like this:

4am meet at airport
6am depart Houston
arrive and hang out at some mall in New Jersey until our second flight of kids arrives, then head to the hotel to check in and change clothes for the evening
dinner at Planet Hollywood
"Mary Poppins"

singing at 9am service at St. John the Divine church
"In the Heights" matinee show
and something that night that I can't remember...

1pm concert at Trinity church
evening Dinner and Dance Cruise

tour NBC studios and Radio City Music Hall
"Billy Elliot"

sing at the Statue of Liberty
fly back home

there's more, but I can't remember all the details.
I just know I am super excited! (:

and I'll share pictures after the fact, of course <3

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